• Amplitude / Sega Humankind Trailer

    Benjamin Le Breton Cream BETC

  • Dead by Daylight Stranger Things

    Neil Huxley Player Two Behaviour

  • Mashrou' Leila Radio Romance

    Vladimir Mavouniakouka Mathematic

  • Ed Sheeran Antisocial (ft. Travis Scott)

    Dave Meyers Freenjoy

  • Roger Vivier Jewels to Shoes

    Pascal Teixeira Love Affair Ôpos

  • Honda CR-V

    Manu Cossu Iconoclast Sid Lee

  • Lady Gaga Haus Laboratories

    Daniel Sannwald The bees and Honey L.A .

  • Toyota Monster Trucks

    Jonas & François Riff Raff Saatchi & Saatchi

  • Toyota Hungry Girlfriends

    Jonas & François Riff Raff Saatchi & Saatchi

  • Banque Populaire The Bull

    Wilfred Brimo Carnibird Marcel

  • Honda Jazz

    Thibault Grevet Sid Lee

  • Peugeot 208

    John Israel Cream

  • Renault Captur

    Pascal Teixeira Prodigious/Code Publicis Conseil

  • La Poste Mobile TV Space

    Vincent Lobelle Iconoclast Havas

  • Claude Violante When We Sync

    Alexandra Reghioua Solab Pictures/Mathematic

  • Pink Noise Too Hot

    Kim Chapiron Phantasm

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  • General 2017

  • Cinema 2017

  • Luxe 2017

  • Virtual Set 2017

  • General 2016

  • Vincent Heine Colorist

  • Anthony Lyant Colorist

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