• Toronto Metrolinx It’s Happening

    Ivan Grbovic Untitled Films

  • The Weeknd Die For You

    Christian Breslauer Lucky Bastards Inc

  • Angèle Démons feat. Damso

    Scotty Simper Dissidence

  • IGA Merry Cooking

    Bertrand Bey / Marie-Julie Dallaire Mathematic Sid Lee

  • Narciso Rodriguez For Her

    Bertrand Avril Mathematic Lloyd & Co

  • Frito Lay The Most Wonderful Time

    Dave Meyers Radical Media Pepsi / Frito Lay

  • Ubisoft Just Dance

    Watts LA Player Two Sid Lee

  • Cartier Love Is All

    Charlotte Wales Colors Publicis Luxe

  • Powerade Power In Numbers

    Dave Meyers Radical Media Haymaker

  • Capsana Pause

    Virginie Kypriotis Mathematic LG2

  • Porsche One Of Us

    Per-Hampus Stålhandske Rekorder Keko Group

  • Shutterfly Island of Alaska

    Henry Scholfield Reset Film

  • Shutterfly Broken Arm

    Henry Scholfield Reset Film

  • RSA Do you see me ?

    Henry Mason Antidote BBDO Dublin

  • Carte Noire Intensément Vivant

    Luis Cerveró Partizan BETC

  • AC/DC Through The Mists Of Time

    Najeeb Tarazi Pomp & Clout

  • Moloch Making Of

    Arnaud Malherbes CALT Studio

  • 2D/3D 2020

  • General 2019

  • General 2018

  • Kursk Making Of

    Thomas Vinterberg Europacorp

  • Seuls Making Of

  • General 2017

  • Cinema 2017

  • Luxe 2017

  • Virtual Set 2017

  • General 2016

  • Vincent Heine Colorist

  • Anthony Lyant Colorist

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