• Dior Christmas Atelier

    Adrien Dezalay Code Malherbe Paris

  • Clark Les Fèves au Lard

    Bertrand Bey Mathematic LG2

  • Dead by Daylight Cursed Legacy

    Neil Huxley Player Two Behaviour

  • Sanyuan Milk

    Boris Zaiontchkovsky Rocket Science Productions

  • IGA Inséparables

    Bertrand Bey Mathematic Sid Lee

  • EDF Le Supermarché de l’Energie

    Vincent Lobelle Poster Iconoclast

  • COOP Una Buona Spese Puo Cambiare il Mondo

    Vincent Lobelle The Family Havas

  • Disney L’Elixir

    Jake Szymanski Caviar BETC

  • Saint-Gobain Mission to Earth

    Wilfrid Brimo Grand Bazar Prodigious

  • Hugo Boss Poseidon

    Karim Huu Do Caviar Paris Coty

  • Foals The Runner

    Quentin Deronzier Lapac WMG - Warner Music UK

  • Ghost Recon Breakpoint Drones

    Twin - Jonathan & Josh Baker Player Two Ubisoft

  • Ghost Recon Breakpoint Auroa

    Player Two Ubisoft

  • Alicia Keys Show Me Love

    Cara Stricker Anonymous Content SME - RCA Records Label

  • Total War Troy

    Alexandre Lerouge Player Two Creative Assembly / Sega

  • Vodafone The Power of Freedom

    Reynald Gresset Tempomedia Antoni_

  • General 2019

  • General 2018

  • General 2017

  • Cinema 2017

  • Luxe 2017

  • Virtual Set 2017

  • General 2016

  • Vincent Heine Colorist

  • Anthony Lyant Colorist

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