Instagram Only On Instagram

  • Director Megaforce
  • Production Iconoclast
  • Agency Marcel
  • Category Commercials

    + Making Of Instagram

    After an intensive time setting up and validating the animatic, we defined with the production team how each section needed to be created. As the film was not shot with a motion control we needed to be particularly meticulous with how each plate was shot and how we would need to regroup everything into each scene. We used a mix of green screen, live backgrounds, suspended objects and people, 3D and 2D compositing.

    For the still effect we shot using extreme slow motion and speeded up camera movements which made the later stabilization process a lot easier. The first shots we suspended all the actors and the elements with wires and we later composited all elements the same scene using 8 to 10 plates. In the big concert scene we shot the crowd in camera and later added hands, still water and the moving lights in post. 3D was used for transitions, stabilizing elements of the lobster and the ending. For the jumping into the ocean scene we shot all elements separately (the coast in greece the actors on green screen) and patched everything together afterwards.