Madonna Give me all your luvin’

  • Director Megaforce
  • Production Riff Raff
  • Category Music Video


    With American singer-songwriter Madonna featuring guest vocals from Nicki Minaj and M.I.A the video plays homage to the a kick off for the American Superbowl annual championship game where the artists will be performing this year. A prestigious event due to the sheer number of people watching the show, this was an important factor for the ideas in the video for the debut single of Madonna’s twelfth studio album, M.D.N.A.

    By revisiting a sort of Dick Tracy style, we tried to create a unique old style atmosphere to this music-video.

    Shot in a New York blue screen studio in December 2011, MegaForce wrote and directed this music video which was produced by UK production company Riff Raff Films and US Directors Bureau. Mathematic was called in to create all the Special FX’s and FX art direction.

    A team of 14 FX artists worked flat out for 2 weeks to finish the project in Paris along with the directors. Rotoscoping and keying was used to allow for the integration of Special FX fireworks and sparkling rain etc, all 3D and 2D backgrounds, all set-extensions, the sky which was all undertaken in After FX, Houdini, Flare, Flame, 3D tracking in Maya. 3D buildings where also created in Maya.