A creative Studio

Specialized in high end CG and VFX for Advertising, TV, Print, digital, series, short and now long format films since its launch in 2006, MTC has consistently evolved their processes as VFX specialists with a strong emphasis on art direction, design and technique development.

Mathematic’s fully equipped and growing Paris based studio is accompanied with a host of talents, including experienced lead 3D Project Managers, 3D VFX artists, animators, lead lighting and 3D renderers. Their dedicated compositing teams include specialized Flame Artists, Shoot Supervisors and a host of in house Nuke, and After Effects compositors. MTC’s services include Autodesk Smoke, Flame, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer suites.

Recent MTC collaborations include their first feature film endeavor. Creative Control, directed by New York based director Benjamin Dickinson, which won best film for its visuals at the SXSW Independent feature film festival. Variety Magazine listed the film as one of the top 10 films to be seen in 2015.

  • Located in the 11th Arrondissement of Paris, these are the headquarters of Mathematic Studio.

    95 Boulevard Voltaire - 75011 Paris

  • We recently expanded into this office dedicated to editing, grading and R&D, close to the Voltaire main building.

    3 Rue Pasteur - 75011 Paris

  • A newly opened office in the heart of Montreal, this outpost is a new start for our international productions.

Our talents

At Mathematic we have always sourced and developed a wide ranging group of artists, designers and Flame artists who work over a plethora of different mediums. We have a specialized team for 2D hand drawn animation, 3D Motion Graphics and VFX artists that work on different levels of productions and outputs. We have homed these artists from many years of work and experiences and we believe we have one of the hottest teams out there!

  • Guillaume Marien

    Guillaume Marien

    EP - Owner
  • Béa Le Mennec

    Béa Le Mennec

    Head of Studio
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  • Rebecca Rice

    Rebecca Rice

    Creative Producer
  • Alexandre Pagot

    Alexandre Pagot

    EP - Montreal
  • Hadi Dahrouge

    Hadi Dahrouge

    EP - Paris - Los Angeles
  • Guillaume Audibet

    Guillaume Audibet

    EP - Paris
  • Gouna Logan

    Gouna Logan

    Post Producer
  • Nadège Moreau

    Nadège Moreau

    Post Producer
  • Laura Warnault

    Laura Warnault

    Post Producer
  • Julien Lambert

    Julien Lambert

    CG Supervisor
  • Yann Aldabe

    Yann Aldabe

    CG Supervisor
  • Thomas Nautin

    Thomas Nautin

    CG Supervisor
  • Martin Trépreau

    Martin Trépreau

    CG Supervisor
  • Jehan Bouazza

    Jehan Bouazza

    CG Supervisor
  • Emeric Samier

    Emeric Samier

    CG Supervisor
  • FX Pourre

    FX Pourre

    Art Director
  • Thomas Van Maele

    Thomas Van Maele

    Lead VFX
  • Fred Brandon

    Fred Brandon

    Lead Flame Artist
  • Clément Germain

    Clément Germain

    Lead Flame Artist
  • Anthony Lyant

    Anthony Lyant

    Lead Compositor / Colorist
  • Fabrice Lagayette

    Fabrice Lagayette

    Lead Compositor
  • Yann Glica

    Yann Glica

    Lead Environment
  • Maéva Sol

    Maéva Sol

    Compositing Artist
  • Sonia Ferreira

    Sonia Ferreira

    Compositing Artist
  • Daniel Rodrigues

    Daniel Rodrigues

    Compositing Artist
  • Nicolas Parents

    Nicolas Parents

    Technical Operations
  • Arnaud Ecobichon

    Arnaud Ecobichon

    Technical Operations