Total Les Voyageurs de L’Espace

  • Director Antoine Bardou Jacquet
  • Production Partizan
  • Agency BETC
  • Category Commercials

    + Making of Total Space Travellers

    This is where we can really let loose. 3 characters in Space to be designed and created for Antoine Bardou Jacquet. A Frog man, a Wookie style hairy monster, an intelligent robot and the 2 pilots make a stop at an intergalactic petrol station.

    Backgrounds were created in 3D and there was a lot of development for the different characters. See the behind the scenes here.

    + The Frog Man

    We designed and created this unusal but cute Frog creature to be realistic in every detail. From the attention to detail in the sculpting to the detail in the eyes to the lizrd skin texture in the characters shading. There was a simulation that needed to be developed as his interacts with the coldness of the fridge. A specific detail that took time to create and test. The end result is natural and above all funny, while not being too gross or scary!

    + FILM Making Of

    + Robot

    We never shy away from a special robot, especially one with so much character. From the design to the rigging to the animation each instance we tried to develop the soul of the character. References such as Chappie that just recently came out where a great help in this creative process.